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Thanks for sharing the article, Julie.

Most of our undergraduate students are natives of the digital culture, while we have acquired the proficiency in later stage of our life. The students are very much savvy, though not necessarily critical of their consumption of the new media, and I think it is important that we (teachers) acknowledge (and sometimes respect) that as a possible common base for teacher-student pedagogical interaction. Students do learn, not only in traditional-in-class environments (and perhaps they may not be the best environments in today's hyper, fragmented, media-/info-saturated world) but also in their everyday interaction with their fellow students, friends, media, etc. I think it's important that we foster such what might have been viewed as "alternative" learning. But we, teachers and generation of older media, should understand who our undergrad students are, where they come from, and what their concerns are. See the video below:

"Crossing the (Digital) Line" by Julie Frechette at

Here's an article I wrote for today's "Inside Higher Ed" that you might find interesting (link below).


Fund Raising
commgradcommgrad 14 May 2008 19:58
in discussion Forum / Threads » 2009 CGSA Conference

How should we fund our conference?

Fund Raising by commgradcommgrad, 14 May 2008 19:58

The last conference's theme "Communication in Crisis" was also an excellent one. I wasn't here for the previous one "Borderlands". The committee should look at the CFPs for the previous conferences. The one for "Borderlands" is available at the conference section on the menu bar.

The committee's suggestion "Passions & Possibilities" seems great if these concepts can be theorized well first.

What should be the key themes for the conference? Share your ideas.

2009 CGSA Conference Theme? by commgradcommgrad, 14 May 2008 19:13