How to Find a Place to Live Near UMass

Finding a reasonable place to live in the Amherst area may be a difficult task if you are coming from elsewhere and new to the area, but we can help you. There are a couple of options available: on-campus housing and off-campus housing.

Some of our graduate students live on-campus. Housing for single graduate students is mostly available in Prince Hall. Housing space is limited there so if you have decided to live on-campus, you may want to apply early. Here are some pictures of Prince Hall taken by Elena Khatskevich:

prince1jpe.jpg prince2jpe.jpg prince3jpe.jpg prince4jpe.jpg prince5jpe.jpg prince6jpe.jpg prince7jpe.jpg prince8jpe.jpg

Or if you are married or have a child/ren, you may choose the family housing option. There are currently two apartment complex buildings (North Village and Lincoln Apartments) for family housing where some of our students live as well. Here are some pictures of Lincoln Apartment taken by Haijing Tu:

lincoln1jpg.jpg lincoln2jpg.jpg lincoln3jpg.jpg lincoln4jpg.jpg lincoln5jpg.jpg lincoln6jpg.jpg lincoln7jpg.jpg

Off-campus housing can be another option for living in the Amherst area. There are several apartment complexes around the campus. Puffton Village and Brandywine Apartments are a few among them. They are about 20 minutes to campus by walk. Also getting around in the Amherst area is fairly easy and costs no money (or very little in certain circumstances) and you may choose to live in other cities around Amherst.

The Commuter Services and Housing Resource Center (CSHRC) may be of great help for off-campus living. You may find apartment rental ads, roommate ads, buy & sell ads, etc. there. Apartment rental ads are posted regularly elsewhere as well, such as local newspapers, online forums, real estates, etc. Visit the below links for more rental ads:

Classifieds at the Daily Hampshire Gazette Newspapers western mass
Classifieds at