Get an OIT account for the course you teach

Have you ever been engrossed in your studies, mid-semester, like a good comm grad, only to suddenly stop receiving emails until you have this conversation with someone, "Hey I tried to send you an email but it said you were over quota." Then the terror strikes, "How many other emails have I missed?" Well, after some long and heated debates with OIT, there appears to be another option for those of us who teach. The, "subsidiary OIT course account," provides additional udrive, blog, and web space for your class and is separate from SPARK. This means you can have an email account with a 50MB quota for each class you teach which would keep your emails for classes out of your personal account. Additionally, the account will not be deleted automatically at the end of the semester, so you can reuse it if you teach the class again without having to re-sign up for it. The process for obtaining the subsidiary account is as follows:

  1. Log into SPIRE with your instructor ID, not your personal ID. The one you would use to manage your class on SPIRE.
  2. Click the "OIT Accounts" link on the left.
  3. Click "Create Course OIT Accounts" link.
  4. You will see your course listed, select it and click the "Create Course Account" button.
  5. Choose a password for the account, and click "Set Password and Reminder".
  6. Click the "My OIT Accounts" link on the left and click the new account you just created. This will bring you to a page that will show you your new email address, blog address, web space, and udrive account for the course.