How to Use RefWorks

At the publishing workshop yesterday, Han recommended Refworks, a free web-based tool that assists in managing citations, creating bibliographies, and importing references from online databases. What’s so great about Refworks is that it allows you to change the format of your bibliography (ie: APA to MLA) at the click of a button. And I just learned that it also works with a program called “Write-and-Cite” which, provided you input your in-line citations correctly, will allow you to automatically update the formatting INSIDE the body of your paper. This is super cool for those of us who may end up submitting the same article to multiple journals with different formatting requirements.

To learn more about Refworks, go here:

Write-and-Cite, see below and/or go here:

What is Write-and-Cite?

Write-N-Cite allows Microsoft Word and Internet Explorer users to run an abbreviated version of RefWorks in a paper or manuscript. It also automatically formats internal references and bibliographies. Only author,
title, and year are displayed; a full-view option is also available. The utility installs a Write-N-Cite icon on your desktop as well as an Add-in to your Word toolbar and a menu option under Tools for launching Write-N-Cite.
Click here for more information about Write-N-Cite, or to download the Write-N-Cite utility program to your computer.

If you are not able to use Write-N-Cite, you can still insert references and a bibliography into your paper:

Once the paper is written and you’re ready to insert a reference, login to RefWorks. Click on One line/Cite View at the top of your reference list. Click the Cite link next to the reference you want to insert. The Citation Viewer window will pop up. Click Select Citation. Go to the Edit Menu and choose Copy. Go to your paper. Click where you want to insert the reference. Go to the Edit Menu and choose Paste. Make sure to go back to the Citation Viewer and select Clear after the reference is inserted. When you have finished inserting all references, save and close your paper. To generate your bibliography, click the Bibliography button in RefWorks. Choose the citation format (e.g., MLA, APA) from the Output Format pull down menu. Select Base Bibliography on Manuscript. Use the Browse button to find and
select your paper. RefWorks will automatically add your references and bibliography.

To download Write-N-Cite to your computer:

  1. Go to
  2. Choose “User Login” in the upper right corner.
  3. Then choose “Login using Group Code” just under the login boxes.
  4. Type in the Group Code: RWUMassA.
  5. Log in to your account using your username and password.
  6. Choose the “Write-N-Cite” option on the “Tools” Menu.
  7. On the next screen choose the appropriate version of Write-N-Cite for your operating system.
  8. Click “Open” and follow the installation instructions.

Note: MacIntosh users will need to download Stuff-It Expander from Apple to install Write-N-Cite into Microsoft Word.