SPIRE tips

Creating a class email list

To create a class email list in SPIRE for a course for which you're the instructor:

- Log in as instructor (not student), which should take you to Faculty Home.
- Click on Class Email Lists in the left side menu.
- Don't put anything into the Search boxes, just click the Search button.
- That will take you to a page where you can click on the Create List button.

After your list is created, you can refresh it on that same page by another button, but remember that if you do that, you'll lose any changes you made to the previous list (e.g. changing some students' emails to non-UMail accounts, adding additional emails), so it's a good idea to refresh through the SPIRE page until the end of the drop-add period, and only then make changes to the SPIRE-generated list (which always uses students' UMail accounts).