Tips for Students New to the Area

1. If you rent or own off-campus, CommunityAction provides Fuel
Assistance — and grad students generally qualify, even if heat is
included in your rent. You might get back $500 per person — or more!

2. If you have (or want) a cell phone, as a UMass state employee, most
providers will give you a discount (10-15%) on your cell phone bill.
Click here for Verizon:
Click here for ATT:

3. If you can't pay your UMass fees all at once, you can pay on an
installment plan, deducted from your paychecks.

4. If you want a place to work, store work-stuff, or take a nap — get
an office carrel at the library. They're free, but go fast. Sign up
at the circulation desk.

5. If you want support for your teaching, check out the Center For
Teaching's resources, online or in Goodell.

6. If you want other kinds of trainings, check out Workplace Learning
& Development's training brochure — the trainings are free for grad
students and employees (unless otherwise noted).

7. If you need magazines for teaching activities (or fun), you can get
lots of them for FREE, at Mail Services, on the third floor of Goodell.

8. If you're shopping for furniture, the Amherst Survival Center holds
a used furniture sale on the Town Common 9/11-9/12.

9. If you're shopping for software, OIT Software has a great deal with
CDW, and you can get Microsoft and Adobe software for HUGELY
discounted prices.

10. If you want to learn how to use software, OIT does software
trainings. And, UMass has an account with Atomic Learning — which
provides online video tutorials on LOTS of commonly used software. And
if you need computer repairs, OIT Hardware Support does repairs —
often cheaper and faster than local businesses.